(incl. basic designs in buttercream, inscriptions, min. fondant detail )

6 inch serves 10 $50

8 inch serves 20 to 25 $75 

​10 inch serves 30 $100

​12 inch serves 40 to 50 $150

Quarter sheet single layer (serves 25) $50

Half sheet single layer (serves 50) $100

Cupcakes $30 per dozen (Min order of 2 dozen if ordered alone)


Anything involving specific themes, extensive fondant work, quotes will be given once all selections have been made. 

email us for quotes and any other custom requests!

All cakes are homemade from scratch!

Icings and Fillings!!!

Buttercream (Vanilla, chocolate

cream cheese, almond)

Chocolate Fudge

Fondant(vanilla buttercream underneath)

Fillings additional

cherry, pineapple, raspberry,

lemon, strawberry, chocolate fudge

Cake Flavors!!!

Vanilla, Chocolate, Red Velvet, 

Carrot Cake(with nuts and raisins)

Italian Cream(with coconut and pecans)

Chocolate hazelnut

​Chocolate mocha(coffee flavored buttercream filling)

Almond (Wedding cake)

Strawberry, Lemon, Snickerdoodle